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Seemannsgarn 2 – Rookie’s Die


Pirate Pen&Paper Elevator Pitch: Pirates! Arrr! Open world search for magical sand to create your own island continues. This one faces giant aquatic monsters and the biggest pirate ship ever. The cast was done in German:         It was great fun again! Podcast was released 17 September 2020. Artworks were done by me.

Seemannsgarn 2 – Rookie’s Die2021-02-21T19:48:34+01:00

Gruga-Liga Snap – Rookie’s Die


Photo Safari Pen&Paper Elevator Pitch: Competitive photo tour through a stunning park. There is a amazing Park in Essen Germany, the Grugapark. And in this park is once per year a Pokémonfan event, where players can experience their own Pokémon journey and battle gym leaders via Nintendo 3DS/Switch. This is the Gruga-Liga. It does not have the legal right to the Pokémon franchise, but the event is sponsored by the mighty Nintendo itself. I did a cooperation with the Gruga-Liga and made a Pokémon Snap style adventure. I tried to avoid any copyright problems and danced around the names and images [...]

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Seemannsgarn – Rookie’s Die


Pirate Pen&Paper Elevator Pitch: Pirates! Arrr! Open world search for magical sand to create your own island. Ship customization and combat. Arrr! Technically my first non-one shot adventure, it needs a bit of time to finish this one. But it is not about the goal, this is about the way itself. The players believe they need a goal, just being a pirate is not enough. But it is. The cast was done in German: A glimpse at the release date shows at which time this adventure was made, it was lockdown 2020. For me this was a time of peace [...]

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Sie hören von meinem Anwalt – Rookie’s Die


Attorney Pen&Paper (You will hear from my lawyer) Elevator Pitch: Two unprepared player are thrown into a court procedure, where they have to resolve the case while being rivals. This is one of my more complex adventures, it is built up as a 1 vs 1 scenario but the deeper the player-characters dive into the court case the more they realize they have to work together. Why does a federal prosecutor appear as a witness? Where is the transcript writer? A lot of twists and turns work great on paper, but have to be handled delicately with real players. Pen&Paper is [...]

Sie hören von meinem Anwalt – Rookie’s Die2020-08-15T20:38:06+02:00

Phobophobia – Rookie’s Die


Asylum Pen&Paper On time for Halloween we released Phobophobia, a crazy game about fear. Elevator Pitch: Three player have to escape a lunatic asylum and a mad psychiatrist, while overcoming their numerous anxieties. Players had to choose from a large pool of phobias to get skill points. The more skill points the players have, the easier they can overcome their obstacles. On the flipside even normal things like a plush toy, bad music or a duck can become unbreachable barriers. Best kind of balancing. Our guests the SofaSamurais had so much fun playing crazy lunatics that it became scary. High class [...]

Phobophobia – Rookie’s Die2020-08-15T19:22:04+02:00

Maritim Mecha Mysterium – Rookie’s Die


Mystery Manor Pen&Paper My very first PenAndPaper Podcast as an host and game master. Elevator Pitch: Three players try to solve the secrets of an mysterious secluded mansion filled with machines, robots an high society snobs. This hilarious podcast is highly entertaining and was a joy to produce. My adventures are more on the easier and funnier side, because Rookie's Die is made for beginners and should be an easy entrance into PnP. The cast of characters is colorful and funny, the few fights aren't difficult and riddles want to be unriddled. If you understand german, go listen to it here: [...]

Maritim Mecha Mysterium – Rookie’s Die2020-08-15T18:19:32+02:00

Rookie’s Die – Our Pen&Paper Project


Rookie's Die - Our Pen&Paper Project Once, a student of mine asked me, if I wanted to be a player in his PenAndPaper Podcast and I did. It was called Flomora and was made by the amazing SofaSamurais. It was my very first PnP experience. Month later, my brother approached me about his own system of rules for PnP, which became Rookie's Die. Its unique sellingpoint is, that it is by far the simplest set of rules out there. Easy to learn and easy to master. After my Flomora season ended, I decided to make my own PnP Podcast with my [...]

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