A unique 2D adventure – coming soon on kickstarter!

An unique 2D adventure game about changing the gameplay drastically with your choice of equipment: plan every journey wisely…
Coming soon on kickstarter! Meanwhile you can play the demo and give us feedback:

Click on the button to download the demo (zip file). The zip file contains an EXE file. Demo can only be played on Windows.

Download Demo

We are looking forward to your Feedback (forms below in English and German):

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Noris-Liga – A game for a Pokémon fan event

This game is inspired by the classic Pokémon games on the Game Boy. A young boy named Nori has to search for his sister, who was chased by some mean bug monsters. Explore some of Nurembergs location like a park and The House of Games (Pellerhaus). The player has to find key items and catch monsters to progress.

A friend of mine organized a Pokémon fan event in Germany and asked me, if I could make game about it for her. The game is ready to play.


Download the game here.

Our German Pen&Paper Podcast – Rookie’s Die

We made the simplest Pen an Paper rule set in the world.
It is made for beginners and we produced a lot of adventures in podcast form.
Podcasts are in German.

Follow this Link for more:

A Darkwing Duck fangame – made with Game Maker

Darkwing Duck is one of Disney’s most beloved an at the same time most unknown characters ever.
He was rebootet in the new Ducktales series, but back in the time Darkwing was his own thing and even had a NES game made by Capcom.

I made this game with my brother Maxi and as a starting project to learn the engine Game Maker.
I used and reworked graphics from the original game and several others like Ducktales, The Little Mermaid, Chip n’ Dale, Talespin etc.

Later the game was released on my website and a Darkwing Duck fanpage. Someone even gave it a tvtropes page.


Here is a Link to my Let’s Play on Youtube:

Click on the button to download the game (zip file). The zip file contains an EXE file. Game can only be played on Windows.

Download the game

Gaomonteras 3D on Unreal Engine 4

As an 3D tutor it is very important to be up-to-date. So I made a little demo in Unreal Engine 4. The 3D models where made in 3dsMax, textured in Photoshoped, rigged and animated in Mixamo. Level made and painted in Unreal. Main character can walk and jump. Water has a moving water material, etc. I am also a fluent user and tutor in Maya, Mudbox, Blender and Unity.

This is not planned to become a full game, but a 3D platformer would be the ultimate goal for me.

Early Gaomonteras Unity student project

I studied game design at the SAE in munich and earned my Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)

This is one of my student projects and a remider for me, how I started and how far I’ve come.

Special thanks to my amazing team.