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At the last Indie Outpost Nuremberg 2019 on November 4th I reported about my current project the 2D adventure "Demigod's Rebellion: Gaomonteras" and the participants learned a bit more about the idea and the origin of the antihero Gao (short for Gaomonteras). I also showed the current status of the demo and features that occur in the game. How much heart, soul and time goes into such a project is probably not known to most people. Style finding and determination on certain functions, artworks, player guidance and last but not least animations... and so much more! To others I probably speak [...]

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Demigod`s Rebellion: Promar


Introducing: Promar! Today we want to tell you something about someone, who wants to tell you a lot about #Gaomonteras. This is Promar, this little guy is full of energy and is always excited.   #indiegame #indiedev #DemigodsRebellion #Gaomonteras #Characterdesign

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Demigod`s Rebellion: Gaomonteras


A new 2D Adventure Game An unique 2D adventure game about changing the gameplay drastically with your choice of equipment. Plan every journey wisely. Big reveal, new name and new logo! The game will be named: Demigod's Rebellion: GaomonterasStay tuned on social media for more information and gameplay!   #indiegame #indiedev #DemigodsRebellion #Gaomonteras #Logo

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