Photo Safari Pen&Paper

Elevator Pitch: Competitive photo tour through a stunning park.
There is a amazing Park in Essen Germany, the Grugapark. And in this park is once per year a Pokémonfan event, where players can experience their own Pokémon journey and battle gym leaders via Nintendo 3DS/Switch. This is the Gruga-Liga. It does not have the legal right to the Pokémon franchise, but the event is sponsored by the mighty Nintendo itself.
I did a cooperation with the Gruga-Liga and made a Pokémon Snap style adventure. I tried to avoid any copyright problems and danced around the names and images of Game Freak’s brand. Like in a parody, are the creatures described but never named.
Did I have to do this? Who knows…
The cast about a German fan event was done in German:

I love the idea of a Snap styled PnP. Players drive somewhere, discover beasts, interact with them an try to make imaginary photos of varying quality.

Podcast was released 24 July 2020. Artworks by me. Logo made by Gruga-Liga.