At the last Indie Outpost Nuremberg 2019 on November 4th I reported about my current project the 2D adventure “Demigod’s Rebellion: Gaomonteras” and the participants learned a bit more about the idea and the origin of the antihero Gao (short for Gaomonteras). I also showed the current status of the demo and features that occur in the game.
How much heart, soul and time goes into such a project is probably not known to most people. Style finding and determination on certain functions, artworks, player guidance and last but not least animations… and so much more! To others I probably speak from their soul how much work such a game costs. But what can I say? I’d love to!

The demo and your feedback

In the current demo the focus of “Demigod’s Rebellion: Gaomonteras” is on exploring the temple of Domu and we are looking forward to your feedback! Only with a lot of feedback we can improve ourselfs and we hope you enjoy the demo in development.

Networking with game developers

he Indie Outpost is an open exchange platform for all game developers in Franconia. After another presentation there was good networking and sponsored pizza and drinks from CipSoft!

Further lectures on this evening:
Steve Crouse / Replayability & Retention